I have always been inspired by the visual language of dreams. What or who is the creator behind these strange, nightly visions? Are they just random play of images or do they have a symbolic meaning hidden inside their cryptic situations and characters? 

Oneirographs is a series of digital collages I created for the exhibition KUOLEMATTOMAT – ESINEIDEN MUISTI, THE UNDEAD – MEMORY OF OBJECTS at the Loviisa City Museum from 5.11.2019  to 28.3.2020. 

Oneirographs are based on old 19th century photographs from the collection of Loviisa City Museum. I replaced the characters from old photographs in new, fantastical settings. If a photograph is an image drawn by light, oneirograph is an image drawn by dreams.

Collage is a perfect technique for creating dreamlike imagery. Like dreams create new mental images by combining bits and pieces from the memory, collage creates new material images by cutting and pasting together ready-made images. 

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