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I am obsessed with masks. Masks are essentially tools of transformation. They cross the border between the physical and imaginal realm by turning people into sculptures. Masks combine human with the non-human; images, materials, animals, plants.   Masks belong to an enchanted world. Many cultures believe that masks are inhabited by spirits. When a maskContinue reading “MASKS”


I am excited to be one of the eight artists selected to the OPEN PORTFOLIO exhibition at FIG Bilbao 2020 – International Graphic Arts Festival in Bilbao. The festival takes place 26-29.11.2020. Here is a link to my OPEN PORTFOLIO artist page: Kalle Ahonen The works presented at the festival are woodcuts, a medium veryContinue reading “WOODCUTS”


I have always been inspired by the visual language of dreams. What or who is the creator behind these strange, nightly visions? Are they just random play of images or do they have a symbolic meaning hidden inside their cryptic situations and characters?  Oneirographs is a series of digital collages I created for the exhibitionContinue reading “ONEIROGRAPHS”

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